Compound feed: feed supplement for dairy cows KOMBI PLUS PRO for grazing period

Package: * 40 kg, big bag, bulk (only by special order, from 5t) Code: PA-16754-



Why it is worth to use these feed supplements for dairy cows:
• well-balanced protein, energy and macroelements, which reduces the risk of grazing (herbaceous) tetany;
• cows receives the optimal amount of microelements and vitamins;
• higher milk protein and fat content;
• natural fiber stimulates the digestive system;
• product contains phytobiotics, which ensures higher microbial proteins quantity and higher protein amount in the milk.

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Composition: barley, wheat bran, rapeseed meal, dried (sugar) beet pulp, corn meal, peas, sunflower seed meal, (sugar) beet molasses, wheat, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamin and mineral complex, magnesium oxide, phytobiotics, aroma.

Analysis values

Crude Protein % 16,00
Crude Fibre % 7,00
Crude Fats % 2,50
Crude Ash % 7,60
Calcium (Ca) % 1,10
Sodium (Na) % 0,30
Phosphorus (P) % 0,70
Magnesium (Mg) % 0,70

Nutritional additives (1kg)

NEL MJ/DM 7,40
DM % 87,93
Vitamin A IU 8000,00
Vitamin D3 IU 960,00
Vitamin E mg 40,00
Zinc (Zn) mg 48,00
Cooper (Cu) mg 9,60
Manganese (Mn) mg 40,00
Selenium (Se) mg 0,24
Iodine (I) mg 0,80
Cobalt (Co) mg 0,40
Phytobiotics +

Feeding rate (per day)  0,3 – 0,4 kg / liter of milk