Private label

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI offers you to create and produce unique products according specific customers’ requirements formula – Private label.

Product development starts with a close partnership and a careful understanding of the customer’s needs, which helps to find the best solutions.

We can offer our customers a wide range of pet food, cat litter, groundbaits and feeds with a private label.

If you have an idea or a technical task – we are ready to implement it!

We are trusted by such retail chains as MAXIMA, NORFA, SANITEX, AIBĖ.

Private label
Mobile grinding and mixing service

Mobile grinding and mixing service

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI provides mobile grinding and mixing service. Feed is produced in the customer’s farm, using farm-grown grain and other available raw materials. We are working with the mobile grinding and mixing plants of Austrian company TROPPER MASCHINEN UND ANLAGEN GMBH.

Raw materials available in the farm on request can be crushed or mill. Oil or glycerol can be used in feed production. Upon request, feed production report can be printed in which the feed ingredients and raw materials used are listed.

Capacity of mobile grinding and mixing plants is up to 20 tons of feed per hour. At the same time, you can produce two different feeds. Produced feed can be dispensed into the feed containers up to 7 m high or storehouses up to 20 meters away from mobile plant work place.

Our professional team, taking into account the quality parameters of raw materials and the existing grass forage available, animal genetics, productivity and growing conditions, calculate the most suitable feed formulas and rations.

Management solutions

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is a modern-working agricultural production processing company that not only produces the final product, but also provides comprehensive management solutions for its customers.

The company realizes its comprehensive, integrated modern animal husbandry principles in collaboration with the LITAGRA-owned agricultural farms. These companies fall into the top ten of the country’s farms.

The results obtained here demonstrate that the complex of properly selected feed products and managerial solutions lead to successful economic activities.

Company managers focus on analyzing of individual farms needs and in order to reach the highest performance of livestock, produce the feed according to individual recipes compiled jointly with the customer.

Management solutions