About Us

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is one of the largest manufacturers of compound feed in the Baltic States. The company has been operating since 1957. Decades of experience in agricultural production, constantly updated technological and management processes have allowed the company to adapt to market economy conditions and successfully compete in the production of quality feed, their supplements and premixes for modern livestock, poultry and fisheries farms.


To take the position of a market leader by distinguishing high quality products and services.


To openly share knowledge, production experience and responsible solutions for a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with customers and employees.


  • Manufacture and sale of compound feed, supplements, and premixes
  • Manufacture and sale of pet food
  • Mobile feed production
  • Purchase of grain
About Us

UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI is more than just a supplier of animal feed. We carry out nutritional research and monitoring, our professionals provide farming advices and strategies and help our clients move forward with all relevant aspects of their business. As manufacturer, we take pride in making quality feeds used to produce products, which are healthy and safe for human consumption.

Management system of company works according ISO 22000:2018 standard. In 2020 company was granted a HALAL certificate, in 2021 certified FSSC 22000 by the “Food Safety Certification Fund”.

The quality of feed production is ensured by installed modern computer-based control feed production lines and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) control system.

Annual production capacity is 120’000 tons of combined feed products.

ĮST 157602461-3:2016; VMVT approval number – Nr. LT 35-47-001; α LT KPG 012; Pat. Nr. r LT KPG 285166; r LT KPT 285165; rLT PGA131872, rLT PLA131873