Compound feed: feed supplement for calves ( 0-3 months) KOMBI PLUS PRE - START

Package: 40 kg Code: PA-16224-



KOMBI PLUS PRE – START – is a new generation product, which has been developed to meet all the nutritional needs of young calves.
This feed contains specially prepared corn grains, which ensure slower and uniform digestion of the feed and the best absorption of nutrients.
Why is worth to use KOMBI PLUS PRE – START:
• unique method of product preparation stimulates calves appetite;
• product contains hydroxy trace minerals** (Zn, Mn, Cu);
• also suitable for meat-producing bulls (Vit. E – 100 mg);
• ensures the development of the rumen (extruded corn, whole grain corn);
• guarantees heifer productivity (weight gain > 800 g per day).

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Composition: soybean meal (meal), maize (extruded), maize, wheat, dried sugar beet slices, peas, whey powder, sugar beet molasses, linseed cake, calcium carbonate, sunflower oil, monocalcium mineral, vitamin, phosphate, vitamin aromatic substance, antioxidant, phytobiotics.

Analysis values

Crude Protein % 20,00
Crude Fibre % 4,30
Crude Fats % 4,20
Crude Ash % 6,30
Calcium (Ca) % 1,00
Sodium (Na) % 0,20
Phosphorus (P) % 0,50
Magnesium (Mg) % 0,20

Nutritional additives (1kg)

ME MJ/DM 13,00
Vitamin A IU 25000,00
Vitamin D3 IU 2500,00
Vitamin E mg 100,00
Vitamin B1 mg 2,50
Vitamin B2 mg 2,50
Vitamin B6 mg 2,50
Vitamin B12 μg 40,00
Vitamin K3 mg 1,20
Niacin mg 9,00
Pantotenic acid mg 7,60
Folic acid mg 0,20
Biotin mg 0,05
Betain mg 338,00
Zinc (Zn) (3b609)** mg 200,00
Copper (Cu) (3b409)** mg 40,00
Manganese (Mn) (3b507)** mg 200,00
Selenium (Se) mg 1,00
Iodine (I) mg 1,00
Iron (Fe) mg 250,00
Cobalt (Co) mg 0,50
Phytobiotics +

Feeding rate (per day) 0,2 – 2 kg