Pasarai priekis
12103 anciukai
Pasarai priekis
12103 anciukai

Complete feed for duckling's / geese KOMBI 1-20 days

Package: 10 kg, 20 kg Code: PA-12103-

The composition of the feed contains the highest quality raw materials, perfectly balanced vitamins A, D3, E, all B vitamins and minerals.
KOMBI feed fully meets the needs of growing ducks and geese.
Feeding ducks and geese with complete feeds achieves better results and saves feed.
The efficient consumption of feed is determined by the special size of the pellets.

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Composition: maize, soy (bean) meal (produced from genetically modified soybean), wheat, sunflower seed meal, vegetable oil, (sugar) beet molasses, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, amino acids, vitamins and minerals complex, enzymes.
* The composition of feed materials may vary slightly the depending on the season. The quality indicators do not change.

Analysis values

Crude Protein % 20,50
Crude Fibre % 3,32
Crude Fats % 3,52
Crude Ash % 6,16
Calcium (Ca) % 1,00
Sodium (Na) % 0,15
Phosphorus (P) % 0,57

Nutritional additives (1kg)

L-lysine sulfate % 1,18
DL-methionine % 0,44
Vitamin A IU 10000,00
Vitamin D3 IU 4000,00
Vitamin E mg 40,00

During the first period, one duck consumes 1,610 kg and one goose consumes 1,850 kg of feed and reaches a weight of 0.800 kg.

In order to grow and develop properly, birds must have constantly access to food and clean drinking water.