3701024 Laizalas KOMBI equine-lick zirgams
Laizalas equine-lick zirgams
3701024 Laizalas KOMBI equine-lick zirgams
Laizalas equine-lick zirgams

Mineral and vitamin supplement for horses (lick) KOMBI EQUINE-LICK

Package: 24 kg Code: PA-37010-

KOMBI equine – LICK is made for active adult sport horses.
Lots of minerals are lost by hard working and exercising every day. Minerals must be restored in order to prevent horse from dehydration, muscle pain, heart or even digestion dysfunction. One of the best option is mineral and vitamin supplement which horse may lick. The reason is that every animal refill they needs of minerals as much as they needed.
Benefits of choosing lick for horses KOMBI equine-LICK:
• minerals are quickly restored;
• controlling fluid balance;
• salivation while licking keeps better digestion;
• contains molasses;
• no artificial colorants or synthetic fragrances;
•extra vitamins and microelements.

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Composition: sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, molasses, vitamin and mineral complex, magnesium oxide, soybean oil.
*The composition of feed materials may vary slightly depending on the season. The quality indicators do not change.

Analysis values

Calcium (Ca) % 12,00
Magnesium (Mg) % 1,20
Sodium (Na) % 20,00
Phosphorus (P) % 5,50

Nutritional additives (1kg)

DM % 99,5
Vitamin A IU 38400,00
Vitamin D3 IU 6400,00
Vitamin E mg 400,00
Vitamin B1 mg 6,40
Vitamin B2 mg 16,00
Vitamin B6 mg 12,80
Vitamin B12 μg 96,00
Niacin mg 80,00
Pantotenic acid mg 32,00
Folic acid mg 16,00
Biotin mg 0,48
Cholinchloride mg 400,00
Zinc (Zn) mg 160,00
Cooper (Cu) mg 40,00
Manganese (Mn) mg 160,00
Selenium (Se) mg 0,64
Iodine (I) mg 2,40
Iron (Fe) mg 128,00

Daily rate 0,1-0,2 kg