Pasarai priekis
10238 putpeles
Pasarai priekis
10238 putpeles

Complete feed for young quails KOMBI 0-4 weeks

Package: 10 kg Code: PA-10238-

Complete feed for laying quails contains high energy value, crude proteins 27,50%, calcium, minerals and vitamins, which allows to enjoy quality growth results.
Efficient feed consumption is determined by special size crumbs.

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Composition: soy (bean) meal (produced from genetically modified soybean), wheat, corn, corn gluten, vegetable oil, monocalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, amino acids, vitamins and minerals complex, enzymes.
* The composition of feed materials may vary slightly the depending on the season. The quality indicators do not change.

Analysis values

Crude Protein % 27,50
Crude Fibre % 2,77
Crude Fats % 4,50
Crude Ash % 8,77
Calcium (Ca) % 1,35
Sodium (Na) % 0,18
Phosphorus (P) % 1,00

Nutritional additives (1kg)

L-lysine sulfate % 1,74
DL-methionine % 0,68
Vitamin A IU 10000,00
Vitamin D3 IU 3000,00
Vitamin E mg 80,00

In order to grow and develop properly, birds must have constantly access to food and clean drinking water.