JE-9009012 JAZU Bazinis jaukas 1kg
JE-9009012 JAZU Bazinis jaukas 1kg

Groundbait JAZU BASIC

Package: 1 kg Code: JE-9009012

This groundbait is made from high quality vegetable protein materials, various natural additions. The product is easy prepared and efficient, well tempt the fish in all water bodies.
The consumption of the groundbait is fulfilled with corn, which is perfect food component for the bait.

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Composition: grain and grain products, vegetable protein materials, sugar beet slices, aroma.

The method of preparation: pour the groundbait to the clean dish. Slowly mixing, pour small parts of the water from the pool, where you will be fishing. It is advisable to leave the properly wetted groundbait for half an hour in order all the components sufficiently soaked. Preparing the groundbait is important not to wet it too much: the mass should be soft and sticky in order it slowly spread in one location and attracted fish. The additions of animal origin cut earthworms, flies and larvae of mosquito were mixed in and their cocoons will increase the efficiency of the groundbait. Form the orange size balls just before throwing them to the place of fishing.