Specialus_sterilizuotu kaciu-1
Specialus_sterilizuotu kaciu-1


Package: 1 kg Code: JE-82007901

KĖGRUS SPECIALUS – is a complete pet food for sterilized cats with beef and minerals. Our pet food is produced using advanced manufacturing techniques and extrusion, during which carbohydrate is easily digested and absorbed. This pet food is well balanced with protein and fat, and has all the nutrients it needs. Perfectly balanced formula will meet physiological needs of pet and will help to maintain its well-being.

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Composition: cereals (maize, triticale), meat and products of animal origin (26 % including beef meat meal no less than 12 %), vegetable, oil and fats (hidrolysed poultry fat), vitamins, minerals.
Technological additives: preservatives, antioxidants.

Crude protein % min. 26,00
Crude fat % min. 7,00
Crude fibre % min. 3,00
Crude ash % min. 11,00
Ca % min. 2,00
P % min. 1,50
Na 0,25

Nutritional additives (1kg)

Vitamin A (E672) IU/kg 16000,00
Vitamin D3 (E671) IU/kg 1600,00
Vitamin E mg/kg 150,00

Recommended feeding rates are indicated on the pet food packaging.
When changing the brand of pet food, it is recommended to do it gradually over 3-7 days.
Specified feeding rates should be observed only as recommended and must be adjusted to meet individual needs of a pet and its energy levels.
Pet food should be served dry. Fresh drinking water must be available for your pet at all times.